Let share information around you with GrafiTalk

Simple chat, Real-time GPS Tracking and Memo based on location

GrafiTalk is a social media that can share any information or event in your location. Include the feature for asking anything that you post in certain map area, other grafer in the same location will be receive notification. Notification will be actif to other grafer that stay in radius 5 km from posting point. GrafiTalk is also completed with the fiture for sending messages, such as text, picture, video, audio, and file. GrafiTalk can also control the position of your friends or families realtimely with using GPS and it can be saw in smartphone or web.


Would you like to travel somewhere but not familiar with the route? Would you like to find something that you want but confuse to ask? Just ask Grafroom. You can ask anyone in realtime at the location that you want. Grafer around you will help to find the answer.

Control your friends from anywhere

By using realtime technology postion in GrafiTalk, your smartphone and computer can know the position of your friends ( of course if your friends share their position)

Free Chat

Send your text message, photo, video, audio, location, and file (max 8mb) everywhere and anytime with your personal friends or group. Your friends in contact list will be added automatically

Memo and Map

Let inform an important event that are useful for you and other people around. By giving information in Memo GrafiTalk indirectly, you have helped the others with your information


Do you want to make appointment somewhere? Create your _iDlocation, you can determine its place anywhere and anytime, then broadcast to your friends. You can also use _iDlocation to mark the location of a place bussiness or office as well